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BRÖTJE efficient heating system technology

Sustainable, energy-conscious and pro-active: this is BRÖTJE’s outlook on the future. It is our goal to protect the environment and to offer the most suitable technology for the individual needs of our clients.

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Our products

Gas heating system

Rely on system technology from BRÖTJE. Combine modern condensing boilers and storage in your new build or modernization project.

A Brötje BOB oil condensing boiler, set up in a hallway. To the left of this is a stairway.

Oil heating system

Let us advise you and discover tailor-made solutions and perfectly matched BRÖTJE system technology for your new oil heating system.

Exterior view of a boiler hut in a garden overlooking a BLW Split internal heat pump.

Heat pump

With heat pumps you can use environmentally friendly and free heat reservoirs, such as air, water and the earth - one step towards greater supply independence.

A DF flat plate collector mounted on a house roof.

Solar energy system

Sustainable support for your heating system: Solar collectors generate heat without any use at all of fossil fuels.

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Smart heating and heating control

Make sure that you can create comfortable heat instantly with the standard ISR-Plus system integrated into all BRÖTJE heaters.

Three drinking water heaters in different sizes in white and dark grey placed on a concrete wall.

Domestic water heater

Domestic hot water heaters are perfectly matched to BRÖTJE heat generators. For this reason, they operate in particularly energy-saving and economical way.

An AguaSave water treatment equipment, suspended on a dark grey brick wall; to the right of this is a view through a large window.

Water treatment

Water treatment modules are included as an integral part of the heating system and offer optimum protection against corrosion and deposits in the system.

A white panel radiator on a light grey wall, to the right of which is a sofa, together with a table and wall shelving, in a living room.


Panel and wall radiators offer infinitely variable control and distribute the heat of smooth radiators evenly throughout your living space.

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Answering your questions

Do you have a question about one of our products, our state-of-the-art heating technology, maintenance, servicing or financial support? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

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We are currently looking for skilled engineers to install and maintain state-of-the-art BRÖTJE heating systems across Germany. To keep you up to date at all times, we will provide you with a portal that contains important information about all of our products and B2B services.

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