A white panel radiator on a light grey wall, to the right of which is a sofa, together with a table and wall shelving, in a living room.

Panel heating units from BRÖTJE


MidiPlan valve panel heating units with smooth front

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MidiPlan characteristics

MidiPlan panel heating units combine elegant design with optimum functionality to satisfy the very highest demands. The flat valve radiator offers absolutely even heat distribution and allows individual heating comfort in every location. The MidiPlan features a central connection option and therefore ensures fullest planning freedom. The panel heating unit is available with a right or left side valve insert. The pre-set valve inserts also make hydraulic balancing child's play.

A panel radiator and a bathroom radiator on a dark grey brick wall; on the right is a large window.

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Bild für ein youtube Video der Heizkörper. Im Bild ein Mann mit dunklem Hemd und dem Brötje Logo.

Overview of radiator product range

Bild für ein youtube Video der Heizkörper. Im Bild ein Mann mit dunklem Hemd und dem Brötje Logo.

MidiPlan product presentation


Removal of radiator covers

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A round, white control element, which can be turned on and off. The colours of the ErP guidelines are arranged around the left side of the rotary knob.

Interesting Facts about the EU's Ecodesign Directive (ErP)

The ErP label informs you about the efficiency class of your device on a scale from A ++ to G. Heat pumps are marked with a climate card.

A BRÖTJE panel heating unit in front of a grey stone wall.

Performance declaration for radiators

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