A product image of a HSM / HSM-M solar controller  in white, mounted on a turquoise wall.

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ISR HSM/HSM-M characteristics

Reliable heat, at the touch of a button. ISR HSM/HSM-M makes easy for you to manage your entire heating system. The heating system manager acts as your central control point and allows you to fully control not only the domestic solar system, but all relevant heating system components as well. The universal solution for all applications, the ISR HSM/HSM-M, makes it easy to create and intelligently connect multivalent systems, e.g. oil condenser, solar integration, stove connections and heat pump. In addition to the weather-controlled heating of two different heating circuits, complete storage systems with intelligent buffer storage management are also covered. Preset menu items and a plain text display with simple layout make use simple and intuitive. Energy-saving functions such as the automatic generator lock, heating circuit quick setback and daytime eco-function ensure demand-oriented energy use. This places the focus squarely on heating comfort as and when needed.

The picture shows with which devices the solar controller HSM / HSM-M is compatible. Storage, swimming pool, heat generators, kadkaden, room appliances, stoves, solar controllers, as well as timers can be controlled with this device. A product image of a HSM / HSM-M solar controller  in white, mounted on a turquoise wall.

Technical data ISR HSM/HSM-M

Up to 3 mixed heating circuits
Drinking water heating control for storage and charging systems 
Buffer management
Solar control      
Pool function    
Solid fuel boiler function    
Independent ΔT  controller    
Boiler controller    
Cascade management    
Dimensions (mm)
Height 232 232
Width 304 304
Depth 121 121

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A round, white control element, which can be turned on and off. The colours of the ErP guidelines are arranged around the left side of the rotary knob.

Interesting Facts about the EU's Ecodesign Directive (ErP)

The ErP label informs you about the efficiency class of your device on a scale from A ++ to G. Heat pumps are marked with a climate card.

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